Aoi Miyamori (宮森 あおい(みやもり あおい) Miyamori Aoi) is the protagonist of SHIROBAKO anime series. She is in production department at Musani Animation.


Aoi is a short young girl fresh out of college with straight, neck-length caramel hair, and big greyish green eyes. Her main outfit is a white frilly shirt beneath a short, black dress, along with a blue two-button blazer with three quarter length sleeves, matching blue socks, and blue sneakers with pink laces.


Aoi has a bright, cheerful, and energetic personality and always strives to stay positive, no matter how murky the problem. She is also hardworking and cares a lot for her friends. She always tries to stay calm in stressful situations.

Although a fresh face at Musani Animation, she quickly learns how to cope with the everyday stresses of her job. Her diligence and determination to find a solution to every predicament garnered the respect of many of her colleagues and acquaintances in the industry, alike. She is very persistent and patient when caught in between predicaments at work.


In Aoi's school days, she was interested in animation, so she formed a club. Along with her four friends, they created an animation titled "Shinbutsu Konkou SHICHIFUKUJIN", which was shown at their high school's cultural festival. During production, everyone found the roles they are best suited for and contributed to the project. During production, Aoi discovered that she isn't the best at drawing, computer graphics, scriptwriting, or voice acting. However, the other members agree that she's the best at implementing her ideas, and made her the director.

Before graduation, the girls made a promise to reunite one day and create another anime together. They set this creed in stone by sharing doughnuts. It seems that everyone has their minds set on what they want to pursue in the anime industry. As for Aoi, she graduated from a two-year junior college without a specific goal in mind.

After graduating from college, Aoi wanted to join the anime industry. However, she hadn't got any job offers in two months, which depressed her until she got a hire offer from Musashino Animation. Later, she came there to work as a production assistant. After one year, she began working her first anime, Exodus!

After another year, the company is hired to work on an anime adaptation for a manga titled "Third Aerial Girls Squad." At this time, Aoi is promoted by director Seiichi Kinoshita to her new position as Head Production Assistant after her colleague, Yutaka Honda, resigned from the company to pursue his dreams. This puts a great amount of pressure on Aoi as she is immediately overwhelmed by the tasks involved in her position.



  • Aoi's surname Miyamori means "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya) and "forest" (森) (mori).
  • Various people give Aoi different nicknames, such as:
  • Aoi often has conversations in her mind by imagining stuffed toys coming to life and talking to each other that go by the name of Mimuji (ミムジ) and Roro (ロロ), a Gothic Lolita girl with an eyepatch and a white teddy bear, who appear in the first ending and as decals on her jet in the second opening.
    • Mizushima, however, states that Mimuji and Roro are real in that world. To "Prove" this, he draws a cut which Ai Kunogi sees them in Episode 24.


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