愛爾思先生 愛爾思先生 16 May 2020

I watched the movie

I feel ashamed of knowing the movie has released in my country after a week. Anyways, the movie is good, even though I feel that some of the stories are unfinished. Nevertheless, I still cannot memorise all of the information in the movie. So...sorry of the limited information I can tell.

The Musashino Animation is not closed, but almost. It was because of the tragic incident about the other company takes their character designs back, which reminds me of the incident of Kemono Friends in real life. I really want to watch the TimeHippo incident(An animal title too lol), but alas, only some mentions in the movie.

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愛爾思先生 愛爾思先生 29 February 2020

The movie announced

After almost two years, the movie was finally released in Japan! Unfortunately, the movie released in a horrible time(The coronavirus outbreak) which may affect the box office. Some of the cinemas in Japan are even closed now. Let's hope everything is just fine ever after.

Another thing, there's an interesting Twitter account called @ShirobakoScript which is approved by Mizushima. I read some of them, it looks like describing some trivia of the anime. There are still lots of things can write to I guess.




(Translate: While checking on the Wiki, I just thought that, "Hey Wiki, check the official!")

Finally, although it may take some times for the English version, I believe that it will finally …

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愛爾思先生 愛爾思先生 26 February 2020

The approaching

Mr.Mizushima finally finished the movie. The movie will be aired on February 29 in Japan! There are also promotions in Japan. But I am not in Japan, unfortunately (Or fortunately, if considering how coronavirus affects Japan now).

Anyway, I hope the movie will be aired in my country someday.

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愛爾思先生 愛爾思先生 10 January 2020

Interlanguage link part 2

Last thread

It's little late for Spanish, but now the wiki has interlanguage links between Spanish and Japanese!

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愛爾思先生 愛爾思先生 13 December 2019

Interlanguage link

I recently found that the other languages of SHIROBAKO Wiki exist(Thanks User:Whiteknight810210): One is Spanish and the other is Japanese.

However, looks like two wikis are abandoned. IDK, but as I has some understand a little Japanese, it may help me a little.

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愛爾思先生 愛爾思先生 13 October 2019

Glossary? Explanation?

After writing some articles, I found that I may need some articles to explain characters jobs, like Animator. However, I am really nervous about accuracy since this anime is about the anime industry. Also, I am neither a staff of anime industry or a native English speaker.

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愛爾思先生 愛爾思先生 12 October 2019

Which translation?

As we know, Shirobako is now on Netflix. However, I really don't know whether Netflix is licenced from Sentai Filmworks or not. Looks like its translation is little different from the current wiki.

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愛爾思先生 愛爾思先生 2 October 2019

Why do I adopt

I recently created an Adoption Request. Although I haven't get any responses yet in 2019-10-03 00:00(UTF+8), I think I should explain actions I want to do once I get administrator rights:

  1. Firstly, update infos on the Home Page: The movie is going to be aired in next year.
  2. Secondly, update styles on the Home Page.
  3. I want to clean pages and images, too: There're some pages and images I finds it's not suitable and should be deleted.
    1. However, the question is there're no image upload policies on this wiki yet. Therefore, I will make some guildlines about image upload policies. Basicily it won't too much, just like the content should from offical works and something like that.

That's it.

If any questions, comment below!

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Let's fix everything!

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Ogga111 Ogga111 21 January 2015

Official artwork

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Djfghdfe53475zdhdf Djfghdfe53475zdhdf 29 December 2014

Ages of the characters

How can we know them? Where were they confirmed?

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