Chapter 1 is titled "Miyamori is hard for me to deal with...".

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Ema feels nervous when in sports competition because the banner she drew is on the wall and everyone sees it. Aoi behinds her is hearing her complaining, then touches her. Aoi points to doughnuts on that banner and asks her if those doughnuts made by her. Ema answers and thinks that Aoi is hard to deal with for her. Aoi likes Ema's painting skill, wants Ema to befriend with her. Hearing Ema's agreement, Aoi hugs Ema.

After they become friends, Aoi invites her to watch an animation movie. When they wonder how can they made some special scenes, Misa answers that they made those scenes by CG. At this moment, Aoi got an idea: She wants to make an anime, much to Ema surprised. Ema doesn't even know Aoi is for serious or not.

Next day, Aoi is going to prepare everything needed to make animation. However, Ema refuses and claims that making animation is hard work because they need to draw so many frames. Aoi agrees, says that she will also draw. They later meet Shizuka, ask her to join their animation club as a voice actress. Shizuka refuses because they only have two people. That don't even meet their school's requirement, prove that they don't have any plan for their club.

However, Aoi doesn't give up, she makes the scenario first, proves that they are serious. Nevertheless, Aoi runs out her ideas after days passed. At this time, Midori asks if they are making some stories. Aoi quickly responses and asks her to join the club. However, Midori is in middle grade in their school, so she cannot join the club as a high school student.

Ema suggests that it's time to give up because they can't do anime in this condition. Aoi agrees but feels pity: She really hopes those doughnuts Ema draw can move. Ema was embarrassed by Aoi's statement, says her painting skill is not that great. Anyway, Aoi still wants to make anime when she sees Misa again.

At the same night, Ema thinks what happened today: No one affirms her painting skill before, except Aoi. When Ema saw Aoi's passionate about anime, Ema wonders how would it be if she follows Miyamori, so she decides to design some characters.

Next day, Aoi with Ema and Misa still wants tries to let Shizuka joins their club. Before Shizuka refuses again, Ema wants Shizuka to see her character designs, which admired by others. Finally, Shizuka joins.

Now the club will be five people including Midori, which meets their school's requirement, so they ask a teacher to approve their club. The teacher approves after sees Ema who's always shy tries to asks for his approval. In exchange, their club must start after a year because Midori must graduate from middle school.

After a year, the anime club finally established. Ema thanks Aoi and others.

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