Daisuke Hiraoka (平岡 大輔(ひらおか だいすけ) Hiraoka Daisuke) was a production assistant at Musashino Animation who replaces Tatsuya Ochiai after the latter switched sides to Studio Canaan in the anime timeline, later become a freelance producer in the movie timeline.


It was a shithole. Crappy people are only capable of producing crappy work. But despite that, I worked my ass off trying to get things done. ~ From Episode 22

According to Yano, in his younger days, Hiraoka was a passionate guy. He displayed many leadership qualities during his time in college and took his passion very seriously. However, after facing many difficulties as a rookie production assistant, he began to despise the job he initially had so much passion for. He became cynical and neglectful, only focusing on getting the job done rather than ensuring its quality. This experience also caused him to adopt a bad attitude, which causes him to butt heads with many of the other staff members at Musashino.

In the movie, even though he quit from Musani due to the Timp Hippo incident, he is still so ideal that can cheers Aoi Miyamori up.


When Hiraoka was in college, Erika Yano and Hisamitsu Isokawa was his college mate. After graduating, he has started his animation career. However, Hiraoka quickly faced harsh frustration, made him cynical year after a year.

When he entered Musashino Animation, it's his fifth job in his five years. Hiraoka's complaining and cynical character also make the other staffs displeased. One of the examples is that he opposes Hironori Madoka's retaking, which increase their conflict and result in fighting each other eventually.

After multiple complaints about his behavior, Aoi Miyamori has a discussion with him. When Hiraoka befriends Tarou Takanashi, he regains his passion. They quickly become fast friends.

After the Timp Hippo incident, Hiraoka left Musani to become a producer.


  • Hiraoka has a pet cat called Kemeko.
    • About the naming reason behinds Kemeko, Michiko Yokote, one of the screenwriters, states that it's from a song called "The Kemeko Song" (ケメ子の歌 Kemeko no Uta)[1], while Reiko Yoshida, the other screenwriters, states the reason of this naming is that "it's cute".[2]


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