Ema's father is Ema Yasuhara's unnamed father.

Background Edit

When Ema Yasuhara was a high school student, Ema's father wished his daughter to enter college, and get a job in a company. When he noticed that Ema participated in an animation club,[1] he asked Ema to quit the club. Ema rejected this idea and announced that she will be an animator.[2]

However, Ema's father opposed this idea. To convince him, Ema had written letters every day until his agreement, but only supported her one year.[3][4] After years, he received teacups as presents from his daughter.[5]

Relationships Edit

The relationship between Ema's family members is unclear. However, althought he sometimes objects some ideas of his family members, Ema's father is still willing to accept if the other family members try to convince him. Judging by the conversation between Ema and her mother, Ema's father gets well with Ema's mother.

References Edit

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