Just One More is the 10th episode of the SHIROBAKO anime.


During the morning assembly, Honda announces that Seiichi will be finished with the storyboards tomorrow, leaving only five weeks to deliver the final episode, compared to the average two months.

Aoi Miyamori got was told by Masato Marukawa to make a delivery to Sawara Studio about diesel train research. When she enters Sawara Studio, sound effects engineer Toshiyasu Kawano asks her to do some activities for his job and they chat after the latter earns her intrigue.

In the night, Misa Toudou still can't decide whether she should quit her job or not. Ema Yasuhara says she cannot stand it, while Aoi and Shizuka Sakaki suggest that she should stay at her job, and Midori Imai can't decide since she sees both sides of the argument. Ema says no matter which road she chooses, they will always support her.

After talking with her friends and watching Zoo Park Story, she finally decides to quit her job.

Meanwhile, Seiichi manages to finish the storyboards for the final episode, much to Honda's delight. Honda later announces his resignation to become a pâtissier, and Segawa congratulates Ema for her work on her cuts, much to the latter's relief. Work soon begins on the final episode, although Aoi grows concerned when Seiichi goes a little overboard drinking during a party following the after-recording.


  • In reference to Honda's announcement, a storyboard team will be given two months deadline or more to complete each episode.[1]



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