The Little Key Frames Girl is the 11th episode of the SHIROBAKO anime.


Tatsuya Ochiai's leaving puts MusaAni into an emergency to need more animators to complete the remaining cuts for Exodus!'s final episode. A struggling Aoi hopes to find any willing animators outside the company to help with the task, but she fails repeatedly until her animator list runs out.

Aoi decides to open a hiring interview for animator positions with Yano recommending Aoi Miyamori to be an interviewer. While interviewing other people, Aoi and Yano talk about Aoi's work experience where she reminisces her last interview at The Born, an animation company she previously applied but was rejected for she did not have a clear idea of what she wanted to do back then. Back to reality, Aoi meets a potential candidate named Onodera, only to learn that he moved on to become an episode director.

Without any ideas and with Erika out of the action due to learning her father in hospitalizion, she finally approaches Shun Watanabe for any recommendations. One of Watanabe's mahjong playmates, Masato Onoue, jokingly suggests finding a high-profile animator, Mitsuaki Kanno, only for Aoi to take him seriously and rushes in search.



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