Exodus Christmas is the 12th episode of the SHIROBAKO anime.


Watanabe, Onoue, Katsuragi, and their mahjong playmates discuss letting Aoi go to Kanno before talking about Musashino's plans to begin work on the anime adaptation for Third Aerial Girls Squad.

The next night, the staff holds an all-hands meeting regarding the final episode situation. Watanabe suggests altering the scene to considerably lessen the amount of work for the key animators. Seiichi and Honda protest this, stating that the alterations would ruin the scene's tension.

Elsewhere, Aoi meets up with Mitsuaki Kanno following Onoue's "recommendation", whom he later calls ahead. Kanno, after reading the storyboards, points out the ridiculous nature of animating horses for the final scene followed by the lack of animators for the task. Aoi apologizes for her reckless to which Kanno replies that every animator deserves respect, instead of being replaceable. Therefore, Aoi should hold an attitude of "Only you can do this" to animators. Noticing that Kanno is Musashino Animation's staff, he mentions only one person at MusaAni is capable of handling the task at hand.

After hearing this, Aoi goes back to MusaAni and convinces Watanabe and Kinoshita to which the others have approved. Sugie accepts the job and quickly guides an efficient method to all the key animators present. Erika manages to return with her family dilemma having been resolved.

They complete all the frames in time for the delivery day as the episode airs without a hitch. The animation department staff admire Sugie's drawing skill, to whom he thanks Aoi for making him feels that he can still be useful. While most of MusaAni staff head out to their end-of-the-year celebrate, Sugie declines Aoi and Ema's offer to join them, citing that he has to return home. Watanabe arrives late, bringing with him a disc titled "White Box", which he says is a present for Aoi. The disc is played, and everyone begins a countdown.


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