Musashino Animation finally got Third Aerial Girls Squad's adaptation right. However, due to two staffs members leaving, the production team needs to find a new production desk. After some consideration, Shun Watanabe finally appoints Aoi Miyamori to be the production desk.

Kinoshita wants Rinko Ogasawara to be the character designer, but Ogasawara declines because she wants to practice her skill as a keyframe animator. She recommends Yumi Iguchi to be the character designer instead. After Miyamori and Ogasawara's convincing, Iguchi finally accepts the position of character design.

Later, Kinoshita and Miyamori are going to meet Yuji Atsumi, and convince him to be a background artist. However, he also declines because he can't draw the cloud he really likes. Before leaving, Miyamori asks what kind of cloud he like, leaving him to ponder his work.



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