Will These Drawings Work? is the 15th episode of the SHIROBAKO anime.


The staff of Musashino Animation welcomes Ando and Sato as their new production assistants. After introducing them, the production team begins their meeting about Third Aerial Girls Squad, discussing the scenario, watching the location, and talking about storyboard and character design, which were called "prod-meeting".

Production Stages[]

  • The Production team go on a location hunting trip.
  • Seiichi finished the storyboards for four episodes (including the first), albeit with some dubious drawing quality.
  • Shun Watanabe is still talking to Shinsuke Chazawa.
  • Ai Kunogi participates in her first production meeting, where she is assigned by Seiichi to animate a scene.
  • Aoi and Yūichirō visit Studio Kanabun, Misa's new workplace, where the latter convinces the president, Nobuaki Nakagaichi, to take some of the CG cuts.
  • Tsubaki and Satou go with Tarō to pick up some keyframes from Kisa and Segawa before attending more meetings pertaining to including animation supervision, artboards, color, CG, and filming.
  • Aoi assigns Sara and Tsubaki to the production of episodes three and four, respectively, and advises them on how to effectively manage their time.

However, Watanabe orders all of the production team that they need to stop production due to the retaking order by the author.

Characters and Tasks[]

Characters Tasks Assigned
Misato Segawa Key animation
Mitsuhide Kisa Key animation
Nao Shinkawa Color setting
Yoshiki Sakura Filming
Yuji Atsumi Art board
Yumi Iguchi Animation supervision
Yuichiro Shimoyanagi CG


  • Prior to the episode's first airing, Masato Marukawa's intro speech mentions Musani Animation's 40th anniversary in the upcoming year.
    • Studios Madhouse and Shin-Ei were also founded for over 40 years.

Parodical References[]

The following in-anime titles were mentioned.

  • Amazon Shirobeko (アマゾン白べこ) (based on Fujiko Fujio's Jungle Kurobe)
  • (戦闘精霊コラーゲン) (based on the Yukikaze OVA)
  • (閃光のシュツットガルト) (based on Fafner in the Azure)


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