Takezo Nogame rejects Iguchi's character design because he thinks they are "not cute". Therefore, the production team is delayed because they need to let Iguchi re-design them. However, the character design becomes worse because she doesn't get what "cute" means in Nogame's view.

After days, Iguchi wants to smoke on the rooftop but sees Ema who is doing Angel Dance, so she practices it. At the same moment, Ogasawara criticizes the production team, saying they don't give Iguchi enough support. Later, she invites Aoi, Ema and Iguchi to her "oasis"-- A baseball playground, to play baseball.

After playing baseball, she talks about her past experience in a restaurant and when she first became a character design for a game. However, after being continuously rejected, Ogasawara found that she can't always say yes to everything. Therefore, she wears her "amour," A Gothic lolita dress inspired by the character she was trying to design.

Hearing this, Iguchi decides to re-design again. She also wears Aria's cloathing now. Also, the production team finally figures out what "cute" means in Nogame's view. They finally publish their character designa that are approved by Nogame.



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