Arupin is here! is the 2nd episode of the SHIROBAKO anime.


After tending to Segawa, who had collapsed due to severe dizziness from a fever, Aoi manages to get Ryousuke to handle the keyframes for episode four.

As the production process continues, Ema calls Shizuka, who is now a restaurant employee and also a fledgeling voice actress, and the two make plans for the group's monthly get-together event. Ema then notes to Shizuka that she and Aoi are interacting less at work, and Aoi seems to have an overwhelming workload, being responsible for the production of two episodes.

Later on, during the sound design process of a later episode of Exodus!, the director, Seiichi Kinoshita, becomes dissatisfied with the design of one of the characters. He then suggests making changes to the character's design based on his vision of her, which involves completely new ideas that were not incorporated during production.

As a result, this is met with resistance from Hironori as it would require the staff to redo the key-frame animation for the scene entirely. It is then revealed that a previous anime directed by Seiichi, Jiggly Jiggly Heaven, had become the subject of widespread ridicule because of these same actions. Unsure of which side to take, Aoi suggests that they hold a meeting with the rest of the staff to properly determine the personalities and back-stories of the main characters. After some discussion and debate, the group eventually comes to a consensus and agrees to make the changes.


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