Iguchi needs assistance with converting the storyboard for the thirteenth episode. After considering Ogasawara, Iguchi promotes Ema. Ema, however, declines it due to her lack of confidence. Aoi wants Ema to reconsider. Later, Aoi convinces Segawa to trust her again. In the studio, Hiraoka is going to leave, so Taro is also going to leave with him. Seeing this, Yano and Aoi talk about trust, and Aoi receives a call from Misa.

In the night, Shinkawa is eating dinner with Doumoto, and talking about their work. In a bar, Hiraoka is drinking with Taro, complaining about how bad his old jobs were, and how they are a source of motivation for him. Hearing this, Taro is touched and admires his hard work. Misa also raises some framing issues to Ema.

The next day, Ema receives frames from Segawa. Segawa leaves a note that she wants Ema to be an assistance, letting her consider this again. Ema finally agrees to be an assistant. Kunogi also decides to attend the meeting alone.

In the afternoon, Ema calls her mother, saying that she can finally live by drawing in animation. Also, Suzuki finally finishes her last phase. When they are celebrating, Katsuragi received a call from Chazawa that Nogame is really angry about the ending and that rejects all of it.



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