No More Recap Episodes is the 3rd episode of the SHIROBAKO anime.


General animation supervisory assistant Yumi Iguchi is impressed by the new iteration of the fourth episode and decides to begin work on the retakes. Later on, Aoi is faced with a heavy workload regarding the fourth and ninth episodes. After checking the finished cuts, she delivers the keyframes for the ninth episode to director Masashi Yamada for approval, and he instructs her to wake him up early so he could check the keyframes that have not been delivered yet. Doing so, Aoi is then instructed to give the keyframes to the general animation supervisor, Rinko Ogasawara. After Rinko checks the keyframes, Aoi sends them to in-between inspector Chiemi Dōmoto, then realizes she mistakenly sent one of the cuts to the camera department and retrieves it.

Later on, she finds that one of the keyframes she requested has not been delivered to her and calls the lazy freelance key animator Mitsuhide Kisa to finish the cuts. Although he begins work, the process is delayed due to his laziness. As he finishes, the missing keyframe is delivered late due to the truck being held back in roadworks. On the day before episode four is due to air, a problem with the studio's FTP server results in the delivery of an external studio's color shots getting delayed. Aoi panics, but she is comforted by fellow production assistant Erika Yano. Eventually, the staff manages to pull together and get episode four delivered on time, with the retakes being well received.



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