Idepon Miyamori; Be Invoked (イデポン宮森 発動篇 Idepon Miyamori Hatsudou-hen) is the sixth episode of the SHIROBAKO anime.


Despite seeing the 3D-rendered explosion scene, Ryousuke refuses to return to work, citing that things had already gone far enough. Becoming agitated by Tarou's attitude, Aoi finally informs Honda of his failure to handle the situation between Ryousuke and Yuuichirou. Honda decides to tell Seiichi about the situation as well, but discovers that he had somehow managed to escape his confinement so he could sneak off to the after-recording session.

Meanwhile, production assistant Tatsuya Ochiai is given an offer by his friend, line producer Houjou Hiroaki, to work at Studio Canaan, another anime studio, but Tatsuya turns down the offer. Later, Aoi and Erika discuss the possibility of hand-drawn animation being phased out by 3D animation completely. Aoi then hears from Misa about how, even as a 3D creator, she needed to study up a lot of hand-drawn animation to get an artistic sense.

Meanwhile, Shizuka is visited by her old mentor, Mari Tateo, who invites her to a play recital, where she teaches her to make use of the time between auditions. Afterward, Shizuka calls Aoi, who tells her about the difficulties she is experiencing at work, and she comforts her. Seiichi decides to return and finish his work.

Hearing from Segawa about how Ryōsuke was inspired by an Idepon anime to become an animator, Aoi invites him to an exhibit on the show. There, they run into Tarou and Yuichiro. The exhibition helps Ryousuke and Yuuichirou get over their feud and encourages Ryōsuke to return to work and get the cuts done. Later, Ryōsuke praises Yūichirō on his CG explosion and asks to dabble in 3D himself, while Yuuichirou asks Ryōsuke to take a look at some of his 3D motions and give a key animator's opinion. Aoi celebrates the finishing of the cuts, and Tarou, Erika, and Tatsuya credit the success to her and her ability to effectively handle situations.


  • Shizuka's rehearsal drama may be a reference to Waiting for Godot.
  • The title "イデポン宮森 発動篇" is a reference of Ideon, which the movie title is THE IDEON; Be INVOKED (THE IDEON 発動篇 Za Ideon Hatsudou-hen).


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