Retake with the Cat is the 7th episode of the SHIROBAKO anime.


When Aoi is going to work, she received a call from her sister Kaori, who says she is going to Tokyo, so Aoi gives her keys to Midori.

In the studio, Ochiai says that he will leave the company. Therefore, the production team needs to discuss the future schedule of Exodus!: Yano got episode 11, Taro got episode 12, and Aoi got episode 13.

Later, Aoi and Yamada are talking about Ochiai's motive to leave, he is going to Studio Canaan to help his mate. Yamada also reveals something about Jiggly Jiggly Heaven that makes Aoi scared.

Ema is struggling to draw the cat. When Sugie is trying to give advice, Aoi interrupts them, checking the status of Ema's drawing and hopes that she can hurry, so that Segawa can have more time for her share of the work.

Hearing this, Sugie suggests that Ema should ask others how to improve her drawing speed and the relationship between quality, speed and future. She later draws four cuts on the same day.

That evening, Aoi meets Kaori and Midori. They talk about the schedule and how diligent Ema is. Kaori, however, states that there's a dark side to being diligent.

The next day, Segawa tells Aoi that she will reject all of Ema's cuts because those cuts do not meet her standards. Hearing that, Aoi asks Kaori what "dark side of diligent" means, Kaori replies that if one is too diligent, one will lose direction.

Ema is depressed at having to restart her work and realizes that being a hard worker isn't enough in her field. Aoi tries to comfort Ema. However, Ema doesn't feel better even after the comforting. After that, Ema begins working again and meets Iguchi, who wonders why Ema looks sad.


  • Ema mentions an animator named Atsumi Fukuyama, who was promoted to keyframe animator after two months of being an in-between animator.


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