I'm Not Blaming You is the 8th episode of the SHIROBAKO anime.


Wondering why Ema looks sad, Iguchi suggests to Ema that she should tell others about her struggles. However, Ema refuses, leaving Iguchi alone who comments that Ema is too young. Later, Ema is still dissatisfied with her drawing. Sugie asks why Ema wants to be an animator, Ema answers that she likes drawing. Sugie replies that although doing something you like as a career is wonderful, making new goals is essential when you finally achieve one. Ema, however, gives a negative reply.

In the production team meeting, production members are talking about their ambitions, Taro wants to become a director, and Honda wants to have a cake shop. Hearing these two guys chatting and Ema's question about "from now on to where", Aoi becomes deeply confused. When Segawa is talking about Ochiai's ambition, she also wonders how Ema was when hearing about the retake, and hopes that she can get through this difficult time.

Ema, however, is still struggling in drawing her cats. When Sugie sees Ema's hardship, he wants Iguchi to help Ema. When Ema fails again, she quickly drops her paper, but Iguchi picks the paper up and asks Ema why she chose the cut with cats. Ema cannot answer, but Iguchi says that she's not blaming Ema. At this moment, she finally asks for help. Iguchi answers that she would take a walk when facing this kind of difficulty and invites Ema to have a walk.

Kaori and Midori are playing in Tokyo. During the tour, Kaori complains about her job in her hometown. In a cafe shop, they are talking about their dream: Midori says she wants to write some stories.

When Ema and Iguchi are taking a walk, Iguchi says something about her past, and the importance of imitating others. When they are talking, Ema sees Nyajiro and takes not of the shape of its body. Thus, Ema has enough confidence to draw.

In the night, Aoi, Shizuka, Midori, and Kaori are chatting in Matsutei. The next day, Kaori leaves for her home.



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