What Do You Think I Was Trying to Say? is the 9th episode of the SHIROBAKO anime.


Misa, who works in Super Media Creations, is upset with her job, where she can only draw wheels every day.

In Musani, Aoi is worried about the final episode's storyboard. However, Kinoshita, the director, is still thinking about the storyboard.

At noon, Misa says she wants to draw something creative but hears that her company will funnel her into drawing the same thing throughout her career. Therefore, she wants to find Shizuka to discuss her future path. However, Shizuka refuses because she needs to practice for her new character of an anime called "The Prince of Baseball".

The next day, Watanabe and Tatsuya are negotiating the Third Aerial Girls Squad's license, but Tatsuya doesn't give a positive answer. In the evening, Shizuka, whose job isn't going well, is chatting about their dream and career with Misa and Midori.

The next day, Kouichi Tateishi, the president of Super Media Creations, announces that they got a car game offer, which means they will draw cars again. Hearing this, Misa is so unhappy that she kicks tires in the rooftop, and talks with Kouichi about her feelings towards her job. After listening to Misa, Kouichi suggests that she should make a plan to find another job.

Kinoshita is still dissatisfied with the ending and considers changing it, but has no idea how to do so. Honda asks Maitake for help and, after some discussions, Kinoshita finally decides on the new ending. He mentions that the new ending will have "Hundreds of horses", much to Aoi's horror.



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