Kaminoyama Prefectural High School (県立上山高等学校 Kenritsu Kaminoyama Kōtō-Gakō) (a.k.a Kaminoyama High School) is a secondary school set in Yamagata Prefecture, which is Aoi Miyamori and the other main heroines' hometown. Miyamori and the other main heroines were graduated from Kaminoyama High School. It is also the main stage of the 2014 manga.


Kaminoyama High School is a girls school. According to the name "Prefectural High School", it can be assumed that Kaminoyama High School is a public school. The school is a secondary school with middle grade and senior grade. Five of the main heroines were graduated from the senior grade. Misa Toudou and Midori Imai were also studied in the middle grade. It's unknown whether Aoi Miyamori, Ema Yasuhara and Shizuka Sakaki were studied in the middle grade or not.

The school at least has two activities: One is the Cultural Festival (文化祭 Bunka Sai), all of the clubs in the school can show what they did in the year. Miyamori's animation club show the anime they made in Cultural Festival. The other is Sports Day (運動会 Undō Kai). Miyamori met Ema in the Sports Day.

Miyamori and her friends established the animation club to make their own anime. Misa and Midori continued managed the club. What happened to the club is after they graduated is unknown ever after.



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