Misato Segawa (瀬川 美里 Segawa Misato) is one of the supporting characters of the SHIROBAKO anime series. She is a talented freelance animator.


Segawa is a responsible animator with a very professional attitude. When in Episode 1, she agrees to draw more frames, making her finally faint in her room. If encountered any frames that she believed did not meet the quality, she will reject those frames without hesitation, like what she did to Ema Yasuhara[1] and animators Daisuke Hiraoka introduced.

So please bear in mind that every episode is calling cards for a creator. ~ From Episode 22

Because of the determined attitude, some people believe that Segawa is a biased person.[1][2] However, according to the other dialogues, she doesn't seem to have such tendencies.[3]

Segawa has been work for a long time. She meets lots of people during her career, makes her has a unique taste in judging people. For example, she quickly believes that Tatsuya Ochiai has great ambition for his career after hearing that he's going to Cannan.[4]


In Episode 1, Segawa refused to rest and worked even when she came down with a fever, until she exhausted herself ultimately fainted until Aoi Miyamori found her on her complex floor.

Later, Segawa is in recovery in Episode 7 when she rejected some of the frames Ema Yasuhara draws.[1] When they met again in Episode 11, Segawa compliment Ema's new drawing frames, suggested that she's satisfied with those frames.[3]

In Episode 21, Segawa is unhappy with keyframe animators Daisuke Hiraoka introduced, losing her confidence in the production team. Fortunately in Episode 22, Miyamori tries to convince her to work again.


  • The name Misato means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "village" (里) (sato).
  • Misato's surname Segawa means "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).


  • In Episode 1, Aoi Miyamori says that Segawa "has it rough", which is not in reference to her Segawa's job, but rather the stress on her shoulders due to her large breasts.
    • This is later confirmed when Tarou describes Segawa as "amazing" due to her breasts when Honda agrees. Miyamori, however, corrects them, repeating the sentiment that Segawa "has it rough".
  • In the movie, Segawa is great at playing viedo games, who can easily defeat Endo and Tarou.


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