Rinko Ogasawara (小笠原綸子 Ogasawara Rinko) is one of the supporting characters in the SHIROBAKO anime series. Rinko is working at Musashino Animation as a star key animator, character designer, and the general animation supervisor of Exodus.

Appearance Edit

Rinko always wears goth Lolita clothing. She has deep red eyes and long, curly light blonde, almost white hair. She is often seen with her black hairband bow on the top of her head with a deep blue dress that has lighter blue frills and a white undershirt. Her dress has a ribbon on the collar and buttons along her chest. The bottom of her undershirt's sleeves have small black ribbons.

Personality Edit

She behaves very elegantly and doesn't talk much. She is a very talented animator and many people admire her because of her work, especially Ema.

Background Edit

When Rinko was offered to do character design for a video game adaptation, she received harsh criticism and her designs were rejected several times. Tired and hurt, she realised that she could not keep saying “yes” to everything that was asked to her and decided to start wearing Gothic Lolita clothes, like the character she was trying to design at that time, in order to protect herself and become stronger.

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