SHIROBAKO Wiki is a fandom wiki introducing SHIROBAKO.

Our Goal[]

SHIROBAKO is a story of the end credits. You can't list all of the staffs who only appeared in end credits at Wikipedia. So does many characters in SHIROBAKO. This wiki, however, is aimed to list anything around SHIROBAKO.


Back to 2014 August when Comiket 86 was holding, P.A.WORKS announced that they were going to air a new original anime call SHIROBAKO. In 2014 August 18(UTF+9. The following timezone are UTF+9, too), almost after Comiket 86 ended, LyokonoKawaiiPurinsesu, who later changed his name to Abbynanodesu, established this wiki. Due to too little information about SHIROBAKO at that time, only some templates and policies created in this wiki. Until October 6, which almost near to the airdate, Abbynanodesu created the first article, Aoi Miyamori.

Finally on October 9, Episode 1 was aired. The next day(October 10), Undella had started contributing this wiki, too. Her first article is SHIROBAKO. On October 26, however, Abbynanodesu did his last editing, then disappeared. From that on, this wiki had no administrators.

On the next year(2015) after SHIROBAKO ended its final episode, the contributing had almost stopped. For example, Undella made her last edit on May 4. Some people like Ogga111, Whiteknight810210, and PrecisleyRandom, uploaded some images and created(or edited) some articles. But since it's only 24 episodes animation, the wiki didn't hold them. Even when P.A.WORKS announced that they were going to produce the movie.

On 2019 April 17, NaseYuki made his first edit. After a week, he requested the adoption. The adoption request quickly passed. After 1640 days, this wiki finally got a new administrator. After that, NaseYuki had been contributing until April 30. On April 30, for unknown reasons, his account was deleted. Thus, the site was left to decay for 3 months and 25 days.

On August 23, 愛爾思先生 comes and start contributing. He later requested another adoption and become the administrator. Later, SHIROBAKO movie's details are announced.

On Febuary 2020, the movie was finally released in Japan. And on December 27, the end on 2020, the SHIROBAKO wiki is migrated to the UCP platform.


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