Some wikis have their own comments guidelines to restrict which comments user can/can't comment. This page is ours. We won't teach you how to comment here: For those who interested, please refer to the help page.

Why Guidelines?[]

Free speech matters. Unfortunately, some unconstructive comments may very disturbing for audiences. What's worse, some of them are just spamming that hurts public images of this Wiki. Therefore, administrators are obligated to remove it.

But, what comments administrators should remove while the other ones are not? That's why we make this guideline.

Remove Guideline[]

In general, comments should not be removed unless they have considered inappropriate. If interested, please refer to the Delete reasons that administrators can use. Here list some of the examples:

  • Copyright violation: Post something like "The BD download links" is inappropriate since it violates copyright laws and Fandom's terms of use.
  • Spam: Comment your feeling on characters doesn't make comments spam. But if a comment makes the page unpresentable or unreadable, it's a red flag to administrators.
  • Not related: If administrators don't see the relationship between comments and SHIROBAKO/SHIROBAKO Wiki, they may consider your comment does "Not related".
  • Abuse: Comment your feeling on characters with a strong word doesn't make comments abuse, because characters may deserve comments that harsh. But if comments characters with name-calling or sexist words that are too far for them, administrators will consider it is inappropriate and remove it. This rule also applies for Fandom users, so please do not use bigoted languages to users based on gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc..
  • Any responses to inappropriate comments should also removed, but basically the Fandom system will help administrators to do this.

Comments that should remove or not, should be based on the actual situation with reasons.


Notice: These examples are just for reference. Comments that should remove or not should be based on the actual situation.

  1. Let's talk about "Spam": It someone comments under Aoi Miyamori with a single "Cute!", administrators will not consider it spam since someone may just express its feeling on her. However, is someone comments it with hundred of "Cute!", administrators will take actions.
  2. Comments Tarou Takanashi as "He's a jerk." does not consider inappropriate. But if comments as "No", it will be considered as inappropriate since much people see the relationship to the character.
  3. Of course, refer to sexy characters as "whore" or "slut" on comments is abuse since no characters here are a whore.


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