This article describes images guidelines in SHIROBAKO Wiki.

Why Guidelines?[]

As we know, the image explains. However, images in this wiki should keep their purposes: Explanation and illustration. Also, copyright is an issue we need to consider. These guidelines are aimed at keeping the images correctly used and obey copyrights.

Unsuitable or unused images can be deleted at any point.

Consider the usage[]

Why you upload this image? What does this image explain? Consider what "fair use" is.

Upload acceptable image[]

  • Acceptable
    1. Official promotion arts. For example:
      • Key visuals
      • Manga's volume cover
      • Merchandise like the CD cover
    2. Screenshots from official arts
  • Unacceptable
    1. Fanart or doujin images
    2. Images unrelated to this wiki or SHIROBAKO

List information for the image[]

All images should contain copyright information. Mostly, images from official arts are fair use. Therefore, assume images are fair use and tagged as {{Fairuse}} template is the safest way to declare image information.

Also, if you can, list the source of the image.

Meanful image name[]

Please, naming your uploading file something meaningful.


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