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Welcome to the SHIROBAKO Wiki!

Please be aware, this site may contains spoilers.

SHIROBAKO is an original anime series by director Tsutomu Mizushima and animation studio P.A.WORKS. A manga adaptation written by Kenji Sugihara and illustrated by Mizutama titled Shirobako: Kaminoyama Koukou Animation Doukoukai serialized at Dengeki Daioh. A novel adaptation written by Michiko Itō and Hajime Tanaka was published by Shueisha. A movie sequel will be aired on February 29, 2020.

This fandom wiki for the SHIROBAKO anime series and related works. This is a recently resumed project, so please help out by adding new articles, editing content and suggesting formats.


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Featured Media

2.29公開 劇場版「SHIROBAKO」本編冒頭映像 特別公開中!

The opening of the movie. The opening is also a retelling of the anime.

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