SHIROBAKO Movie is the sequel movie of the anime by P.A. Works and Showgate Inc.


The movie production was firstly announced in 2018 at the "Musashi-Sakai x Shirobako Harumatsuri" (Musashi-Sakai x Shirobako Spring Festival) event.[1] In summer 2019, they announced that the movie will be aired in spring 2020.[2].

In 2019 autumn, P.A. Works announced that the movie will be aired on February 29, 2020. [3][4]

SHIROBAKO movie earned 115 million yen, the third-highest movie on the first weekend in Japan.[5]

The Blu-ray disc is released in January 8, 2021.[6]


The story starts four years after finishing Third Aerial Girls Squad.

Before the movie start, Masato Marukawa, the boss of the Musashino Animation, announced that they will stop producing Time Hippopotamus (タイムヒポポタマス) because the original company TRAP withdraw their character designs. This incident had deeply affected staffs of Musani: Most of the staffs quit company ever after. In order to take responsibility for this incident, Marukawa resigned from the president and Shun Watanabe replaces Marukawa's role.[7]

Aoi Miyamori had a deep depression since the incident. However, she's not the only one who was depressed: Although five main heroines got promoted on their career, they feel that their dream is becoming further because of obstructions in front of them.

On the other side, Gotaro Katsuragi with his new co-mate, Kaede Miyai, had some disputes with GPU on an original anime named Air amphibious assault ship SIVA (空中強襲揚陸艦 SIVA).[8][9], thus Katsuragi considers to let Musani produces the movie. After a while, Miyamori agrees to accept this case with Watanabe. After that, Miyamori tries to collect all of the original Musani staffs in the anime timeline. The original staffs who were depressed are also getting their passionates back.

During producing of the movie, GPU tries to take their copyright back. Miyamori, however, doesn't want to make the "Time Hippopotamus incident" again. Therefore, Miyamori goes to the GPU with Miyai to cancel the anime contract between them.

Finally, SIVA finished and released to the public. Even though most staffs quit after that, the Musani is prepared to make some new animes.




  • Mizushima states that the movie was finished three days before release.[10]
  • The code name of the movie is "KUMA", which means bear ( Kuma).[11]




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