Seiichi Kinoshita (木下 誠一 Kinoshita Seiichi) is the director of Exodus! and Third Aerial Girls Squad of Musashino Animation.

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Kinoshita loves fatty foods, leaving the air conditioner on, and not working. His work style often leads to him suddenly changing the story or refusing to work on his storyboards, leading to delayed production. He is also known for celebrating losing weight by eating unhealthy foods, although he measures this in minuscule amounts of grams.

He has a fatal flaw when people reference his greatest failure in the past, Jiggly Jiggly Heaven, which makes him so many painful memories. On of example is that when Masashi Yamada and Hironori Madoka mentions that Kinoshita gets rid of the "Jiggly Heaven", he fastly asks if anyone mentions "Jiggly Jiggly Heaven".

Also, Kinoshita was devoiced because of the Jiggly Jiggly Heaven. He usually mentions this when talking about harsh situations.


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