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Shigeru Sugie (杉江 茂 Sugie Shigeru) is a side character of SHIROBAKO. He is employed at Musashino Doga, and Musashino Animation later days, as a key animator.


In the beginning, the other staff think that Sugie is not suitable for modern animations. Sugie, however, is a brilliant animator. When Musashino Doga was producing Andes Chucky, he was already showing his talents. The most famous example is that he made the whole opening scenes by himself in only three days, leaving his famous "Legendary three days Sugie" (杉江三日伝説 Sugie San-jitsu Densetsu). When the director wants hundreds of horses in Exodus!, he can also solve it successfully.

Sugie is also willing to teach his skills and share his experiences with the other animators. He tried many ways to help Ema Yasuhara, who was beside him when she was in stuck. He also shares his leisure places with Rinko Ogasawara, who later shares the info with the other animators. He also opens a workshop when the other animators demand he teach them.


When Sugie was young, he was in Musashino Doga.


  • He made a vow to himself to always sleep before 11 PM, because of it he didn't join the party to commemorate the last episode of Exodus! being done.
  • He is based in the legendary animator Yasuji Mori.
  • Sugie was a smoker when he was in Musashino Doga. It's unknown whether he has been smoking or not.

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