Shizuka Sakaki (坂木 しずか(さかき しずか) Sakaki Shizuka) is one of the main characters of the SHIROBAKO anime series.

Appearance Edit

Shizuka has quite wavy hip-length hair that is tied into a bun at the back that is quite messy, thus making some hair point up from there, her fringe is quite big and straight and big sky blue eyes.

She is often seen with a turquoise jacket and a white shirt underneath. She also wears a quite dark coloured pink skirt that is very long and thus reaching her waist. She also wears brown heels, featuring white socks.

Personality Edit

Shizuka has a hardworking personality and she is calm and doesn't show her emotions that easily, even when she is sad. This is seen when she failed on her auditions but still tried to stay positive. She is shown to have low alcohol tolerance.

She dreams of becoming a real professional voice actress. She is a newbie voice actress at Aka Oni Production.

Background Edit

Shizuka decided to be a voice actress when she was a student in Kaminoyama High School, even before she joined the animation club. She firstly rejected Aoi Miyamori's invitation to the animation club because she didn't believe that Aoi was serious. However, when she saw Ema Yasuhara's painting, she has trusted them.

Shizuka has been a voice actress after graduation from Kaminoyama High School. She also works part-time as a waitress at Matsutei, a tranditional Japanese bar.

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  • Shizuka's surname Sakaki means "slope" (坂) (saka) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki).

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