Super Media Creations (スーパーメディアクリエーションズ) is a computer graphics company which provide computer graphics outsourcing. The president is Kouichi Tateishi.

Mostly the company receives racing game creation. Staffs in the Super Media Creations are often got the task of making the same thing. For example, one of the staffs has been asked to make a device for two years.

According to Yuichiro Shimoyanagi, Super Media Creations is one of the best salaries in the computer graphics industry, but he later admits that it's not the place for those who want to make something with stories. Misa Toudou, who was a staff of Super Media Creations, was dissatisfied of this. She finally quit the company.



Computer graphics
Current Animators Misa ToudouYuichiro Shimoyanagi
Former Animators Kouichi Tateishi
Companies Musashino AnimationSuper Media CreationsStudio Kanabun
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